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How to organize interior in Mid-century style

Generally, interior of accommodation can tell us interesting facts about owners’ lifestyle, preferences, tastes, internal world and thoughts. Decorating and organizing the premise allow us realizing our fantasy in home accents, furniture and whole atmosphere. This article can help you to identify, if the mid-century style is suitable for your accommodation or not.
Firstly, there should be mentioned that mid-century style is perfect variant for people, who desire to spend their time in cozy, but minimalistic atmosphere, which distinguishes by functional home accents.
Furniture in mid-century styled room actually made of solid and durable materials. In general, natural wood, plastic and metal are appropriate materials for creation the suitable furniture. Elegantly constructed curves ideally complement the modest, but comfortable structure.

Typical dining chairs design differences by unique shape. Especially, it is noticed in dining chair’s back, which can be fully closed. However, widespread popularity is given to x-crossed backs, which definitely create the comfort and attractive appearance.

Dining tables’ construction demonstrates the heaviness and durable construction.
Mid-century styled sofas distinguish by minimalistic appearance, construction without numerous of curves, shapes and colors. Generally, it is upholstered with dense fabric, which can serve for a durable term. Basis of sofa is made of wooden material.

Wardrobe and shelves cannot boast of the patterns and geometric figures, but can demonstrate functionality and solidity. Furthermore, there can be considered lots of specious sections, where it is possible to keep more items.
What about bar area? Bar area in mid-century style is constructed in primitive geometric shapes. However, bar can be outfitted with bright lighting for zoning the area.
Lighting in mid-century style is organized due to special floor or wall lamps, which are not produced in different shapes. Mostly, there can be established simply designed torchieres.
Lamps are necessary element for complementation the room with cozy and warm atmosphere, exactly like in our favorite films.
Coloration of mid-century styled accommodation is one of the most important aspects, which creates the specific spirit of 1930-1960 years. For XX century the interior’s coloration consisted of several colors and shades, such as olive-green, mustard, turquoise, grey, black and white.
However, contemporary lifestyle allows using brighter tones, which can add much more kick to the conservative decoration of mid-century styled interior.
Area rug is also suitable to be considered. In mid-century modern style it can be chosen for decoration. However, it should be made with different geometric patterns so that it would not merge with other items in minimalistic design.


Home accents, which can complement the interior, should be rightly selected. It will be effective to use family values or statuettes from journeys, which can tell about history or memories.
In mid-century modern style, the significant meaning is directed to the nature. Therefore, interior of accommodation should be organized for feeling the natural environment. The accommodation should be complemented with home plants or wide windows, which can demonstrate the whole girth of external life.
Upon the whole, it is necessary to keep the accommodation in minimalistic decorating with strict straight lines. Considering the complete mid-century modern styled accommodation, there can be noticed that established items have straight but soft surface. The marble, tile or wooden floor is covered with soft area rug. Wide wooden dining table is covered with tablecloth and dining chairs, barstools are upholstered with solid material.
This article will guide you to the right decision. Keep calm and decorate your interior in the most appropriate style!