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Bunk Beds

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Have you decided to buy a bunk bed? Buying a loft bed is a very rational solution, especially if your room is small and need to settle two tenants. This solution will significantly increase the free space in the bedroom.

Let's begin with information about what are bunk beds for kids, most common this is two single beds one over second.

Twin over full bunk bed is relevant for families, which have two children, not younger than preschool age. Ergonomic furniture allows you to use wisely even the smallest space. A convenient mechanism of the transformation let you assemble it without engaging additional physical strength. Buying bunk beds from environmentally friendly and durable materials aren't a problem - just visit our site, decide on the design and make an order. gives to your attention a large assortment of bunk beds for sale from solid wood manufactured by leading brands of the USA
Our furniture suppliers use environmentally friendly materials for making wooden bunk beds. Thanks to quality materials, our products have a comfortable, stylish and unique design.

Pros of buying twin bunk beds

  • Allows you to save space, freeing up the room for the game area.
  • An additional playing area. Children love to conquer the peaks, so the second tier is sure to become the mast of the ship.

Types of loft bunk beds in Modode

  1. The standard bunk bed consists of two twin-size beds, located one above the other. Such beds, as a rule, are made of wood. In some cases, manufacturers provide the possibility of dividing the bunk bed into two separate beds.
  2. In our store represented types of bunk beds with trundle mattresses hidden in the bottom. Mostly, this option used for cases when guests stay overnight.
  3. Another one - triple bunk bed, when the construction has three beds instead of two. It is a comfortable and unusual type of bunk bed.
  4. Bunk beds with storage are popular among customers. Often it is drawers and shelves located under stairs or next to them.
  5. Children are fond of a bunk bed with desk, where the bottom is a full-fledged workplace with a table and a rack.

In this section, you can buy children's bunk beds at the affordable price in various construction types and made of different materials. Also, we have the large selection of sizes. It is convenient because you need to find the optimal size to fit the allocated area.



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