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Modern daybed - an advantageous solution for decorating rooms in the house. A comfortable product made of sturdy, natural materials with wear-resistant fittings provides a wide range of geometric shapes, sizes, and colors. From traditional sofas, the daybed is different in design.

Features of daybeds from metal and wood in Modode online store

The soft furniture offered in this store is convenient and functional. Models allow saving the free area of a premise. In kitchens, white daybed looks very harmonious; it gives an opportunity for creating cozy corners. In the children's room, the single daybed can be used as a full bed. In the afternoon you release the place for games and other activities of the child, and at night you get a full bed. Such furniture becomes irreplaceable in small apartments and cottages.

  • Ease of use. Even a schoolboy can transform a couch into a bed;
  • Long service life;
  • Space-saving. This furniture can be moved closer to the wall; it does not require a "gap" in the transformation. Besides, daybed with trundle is very compact and does not take up much space;
  • Practicality and functionality;
  • Affordable price. The full-size daybed is not expensive and therefore are a viral and affordable furniture solution.
  • Stylish design to be part of any interior;

How can I use the daybed with storage?

Queen size daybeds are great for a short day's rest. Due to the presence of a linen drawer and a rather modest size, double daybed will be an ideal option for apartments with a small living area.

In order not to risk the quality of the product, experts recommend buying a full-size daybed with trundle from a reliable manufacturer. Firm furniture in the US offers a popular online store Modode.

Our online store offers a different type of daybeds from the most famous and reliable brands. In the catalog of our online store you can buy a small daybed for kitchen or nursery, as well as an upholstered daybed for the hallway, living room or office.


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