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Dining Tables

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Dining tables have become an indispensable piece of furniture. Our online store offers a wide selection of contemporary dining tables. At Modode, you can find wooden, glass and metal tables by manufacturers from all over the world.

Dining table - which one to choose?

Before choosing the best dining tables, first you need to decide:

  • with style;
  • the size of the room;
  • Dimensions and shape;
  • design features.

Knowing the basic parameters, you can easily choose the model that is ideal to emphasize the interior design of the dining area. In our store, there are luxury dining tables for every taste and color - from black to white, round, square, with the layout and without.
The most suitable option is rectangular and large square dining tables. A round or oval shape is perfect for a small room, as they do not take up much space. Also here you can find unique furniture made for those who want to make their home original and unusual.

Space-saving dining tables

Separately, for those who do not have a place for a large dining table - we offer tables-transformers. All this becomes possible due to its design. They are divided into:

  • Expandable dining tables
  • Folding dining tables for small spaces

Expandable models can increase the size of the tabletop thanks to an additional board. The spreading plates are distinguished by their compactness and convenience.

Folding dining tables are called "butterflies", and lateral parts - "wings." In folded form, this is an ordinary table, which, if necessary, easily transforms into a full-fledged lunch.

Tabletop: material selection

If you want to buy natural and durable furniture, then you need a wooden table. These models are distinguished by their reliability and durability. As an option, you can choose a glass top dining tables with wood base. If you want to give your dining the ease and originality, then on our website you can buy dining tables with marble top.



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