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Kids Beds

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Before you buy a bed for your child, it is important to consider the number of factors that can effect on the quality of the product, and more importantly on the safety of the child.

Modern kid's beds should be selected according to the following criteria:

  • Always pay attention to the manufacturer of furniture - it is best to choose a proven manufacturer. Read reviews from other buyers about a particular product;
    Twin beds for boys differ only in design from girl's beds, so the gender of your child is not very important in this case. We have different types of kid's beds for boys and girls, with trundle, storage or other additional elements;
  • Construction is a characteristic that plays an important role. If the room is small, then choose children's beds with storage. Also, in Modode online store, there are different options: folding beds for children, loft beds;
  • Functionality - the kid's bedroom sets should be multi-functional, equipped with special safety edges, which will protect your child from falling off the bed in a dream. One of the popular choices in our online store are the kid's trundle beds;
  • A kids twin bed must match the height of the child, his age, and also be comfortable. The size of a child's bed is selected carefully so that your child can comfortably sleep on it.

Aesthetic appearance of children's beds

Looking for a kid's bedroom furniture, you should pay attention to the aesthetic design of the product. It is the side that the child will appreciate in the first place and will define the moment in his perception.

Kid's furniture made in an interesting form will help to enthrall the kid and to instill the first skills of independence. For this, Modode offer bright, creative designs of beds that, in addition to their main purpose, can be used for games and fun. Colorful models provided in our online store, decorated in your favorite fairy-tale characters positively effect on the emotional state of the child, improving the mood and awakening interest in the game.

Safety of the kid's beds for sale - above all for the child

Special attention is paid to the quality and safety of beds for children. For the production of children's single beds presented at Modode used only environmentally friendly and natural materials. Such products non-toxic, they don't include any other impurities that could damage the health of your children.


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