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Lateral and Rolling File Cabinets

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Lateral and rolling file cabinets are the type of the furniture allotted for systematization and protection of documents from external influences. Rolling file cabinets are designed in such a way to provide convenient placement of papers and a quick search of the necessary information.

Features of the design

In comparison with other kinds of storage furniture, metal lateral file cabinet has its own features, for example, drawers. The number of drawers can be different. The most popular is 4 drawers lateral file cabinet; customers say that this quantity is optimal for storing office papers. Telescopic rails provide reliable operation of the product. Thanks to them, drawers easily and smoothly extend to the end even with the full load. Each drawer has comfortable hidden handles.

Safety of use

An important side of the design is the protection against tilting the locking lateral files cabinet, allowing pushing no more than one drawer simultaneously. Lateral file cabinets for home office have a strict and concise appearance and will fit well into the modern interior. Often they are painted in a calm gray color. There are models with decorative trimming, made of the wood. In addition, rolling file cabinet from wood can be installed under the desk.

Advantages of rolling file cabinet system from Modode

  1. Durability. Metal lateral file cabinets have a long service life twice larger than wooden or plastic structures. Over time, they do not deform and permanently retain a neat appearance.
  2. Reliability. Lateral file cabinets for sale from Modode are almost impossible to break or damage. It does not collapse under the influence of dust, moisture, and temperature changes, ensuring the preservation of the content.
  3. Practicality. Wood lateral file cabinet does not require special care and conditions for installation. The furniture is made of eco-friendly materials, easy to clean and dries quickly.
  4. Easy assembly. If necessary, the product can be assembled and reassembled without damaging specific elements.
  5. Versatility. 5 drawer lateral file cabinets can be converted for storage of new format documents with the use of dividers and partitions.

Buying lateral file cabinet from Modode online store, you correctly organize storage space to keep your papers in order and guarantee their safety. You will know where each document is located and quickly find the necessary information within their level of data access.


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