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A familiar rectangular carpet is a classic form performed in traditional style. Such rugs are easy to place in any room. But the rectangular one is very ordinary and even trite, and many customers want to add something new and original to the interior of the apartment. For this purpose, you can use stylish and original square rugs.

Square rugs for sale are an original solution for any room. You can arrange extra large square rugs in the center of the room. Square models, as well as rectangular rugs never go out of fashion and are combined with interiors in any styles.

Features of square area rugs

Choosing the shape of the carpet is important, as well as choosing the pattern, or color scheme. The suitable product can emphasize all the advantages of the room, make the interior unusual. One of the popular and sought-after sizes of square rugs is 8x8. As practice shows, the square - the best form for area rugs. Large square rugs are characterized by unique qualities:

  • gives the impression of stability, solidity, elegance, exquisite simplicity;
  • contributes to the creation of a quiet coziness;
  • provides the possibility of using in different size premises and purpose;
  • square rugs with 6x6 size are applicable in interiors of any style.

Natural wool is difficult to color. Calm colors, close to natural tones are features of square wool area rugs. Durability, high density, and elasticity are their main advantage. Area rugs square can be decorated with fringe or trimmed with a neat edge.

In the interiors, square area rugs 7x7 often are semantic accents. That is why manufacturers produce these products with bright, saturated colors, which have interesting patterns and drawings.

Square shag rugs at Modode online store

In the catalog of our store, large square area rugs are presented in a fairly wide range. Here you can buy modern square rugs at the lowest prices. Square braided rugs from our store are characterized by high quality, original design and a wide range of options. Browse our store and you will definitely pick up the best rug for your room.


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