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Shelving Units

Shelving units are designed to store different things and objects, and consist of several shelves, fixed on the racks. Another important function of the shelves is that they are space-saving. Wall mounted shelves for the house, in general, represents one of the most practical and convenient storage systems, besides they perfectly fit in the interior and perform a decorative function.

Modode online store has collected the best solutions developed by specialists and designers from popular brands in the USA. The latest trends and fresh ideas embodied in quality materials have all chances to beautifully decorate your house. On our website, you can find decorative shelves made in classical, modern, minimalist, oriental and vintage styles. In addition, we have something to offer connoisseurs of art deco, high-tech, province, and rustic designs.

Features of shelving systems for home

Storage shelves will be a bright accent, merge with the general style of the room, complementing the main idea of ​​the designer.
The most popular shelves for a home are wooden shelving units. Their advantage consists in the increased stability of the material. Under the conditions of proper operation, natural wood can withstand years of use. Often, modular shelving made of wood can serve their owner for more than fifty years. In addition, wooden wall shelves fit into any room interior. It will harmoniously blend with the classic interior design and will be in place in modern styled rooms.

Metal shelving units have gained recognition due to their strength.  Such models are coated with a special compound that protects their surface from corrosion.

Buy open shelving units in Modode online store

Presented in our online store furniture racks and shelves can be ordered right now. Available - models that can replace the hutch or harmoniously complement the existing interior.

Structures with open shelves and doors, for documents and toys. Some metal storage shelves are primarily designed to store things and papers (while they look neat and strict), others are focused on solving aesthetic problems (but always useful in the interior).
Modode offer affordable prices for corner shelf units, but our customers can save money on additional benefits. We regularly hold shares and discounts for goods - including storage racks.



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