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Functional intend of the led torchiere floor lamp is wide enough. Besides additional lighting, it helps to divide the room, allocating places for rest and work. In addition to this, stylish and beautiful contemporary floor lamps serve as a decorative element, and its design can harmoniously fit into the overall interior.

Advantages of the torchiere floor lamp

The main pros of the arc floor lamp in comparison to table or wall lamps are followings:
  • No need for installation (as in the case of wall-mounted products).
  • Mobility - because it can be arranged anywhere in the room.
  • There is no need for an additional surface to place floor reading lamps (as for table lamps).
  • Tall floor lamps can visually increase the height of the room.

Types and variations

There are a lot of variants of living room floor lamps in the modern market. These are elegant colorful models, strict classic, modern, high-tech or loft styled wooden floor lamp. Such kind of assortment can confuse because it's not easy to choose the best floor standing lamps for a particular interior. For a competent choice, professional designers create a 3d model of the room and select tripod floor lamp directly in the program. If this is not possible, you can approach the choice in stages:

  • Determine the functional purpose of the device - for mightily lighting, reading or creating a recreation area.
  • Think over the style of the room - the product should fit harmoniously into the design or be a bright accent.
  • Identify with the material and decorative design - glass, wood, plastic, textiles.
  • Understand you need a designer crystal floor lamp or ready-made model.

Floor lamps in New York: how to make a profitable purchase?

Thinking through these key points, you significantly narrow the choice of unique floor lamps for a particular interior. Modode online store offers antique stand-up floor lamps with free shipping in NYC, NJ and almost any city in the USA. Here you can find exclusive traditional floor lamps for your home or apartment. Modode provides only quality fixtures and floor lamps by top brands. Every day we replenish our collections of a torchiere floor lamp with reading light. Therefore, you can be sure that in Modode you will find timeless classic bedroom floor lamps and trendy lighting that just started to admire the whole world.

When you buy a floor lamp from us, we take care of its proper and prompt delivery you can be sure that a refined and stylish piece of the interior will be in your hands as soon as possible. By the way, we can find any lighting, starting from the tripod floor lamp and ending with luxurious chandeliers - check out the catalog, we are sure that you will find at least a few interesting options.



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