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Shipping Policy

How long does it take for delivery?

All products from Modode shipped through ground carry. Shipping of the in stock items take 3-5 days (if it is not mentioned on the product page). Delivery can take an additional 2-3 weeks after the shipping date, depending on location. To set up the delivery timeframe with you our carries will contact you the day or two before arrival. For the residents of continental United States, we offer free shipping on all orders. Alaska & Hawaii excluded.

Why are orders processed longer than expected?

If the product is not available in stock it will take more time than usual. It could have been bought just before you made the order, and now we are waiting for the new arrival of goods from the manufacturer. Usually, a delivery takes from 5 to 7 days, but if the manufacturer warehouse is far away from us it can take from 10 days to 3 weeks.

The second reason is credit card fraud. For this reason, we ask the owner to confirm the credit card or use other options for the safety of your money and secure shopping.You know the address and telephone number of our store, so you have nothing to fear, as opposed to us. The third and the rarest reason - it's the weather conditions. It happens that the terrible weather does not give us the opportunity to get to the warehouse and deliver the goods.

Shipping Time

Please allow the lead-time for delivery depending on the product type, color, model, manufacturer, and other factors.

Please Note: WE CAN ONLY ESTIMATE, NOT GUARANTEE THE SHIPPING TIME. To estimate the shipping date we depend on factory and freight carries to provide us with the delivery time. Some specialty furniture carriers use third-party carriers for some delivery locations and are unable to provide up to the minute tracking information that is common for small packages. Please understand we are doing our best to ensure best deliveries suited for your product.

If you want to delivery for international adress, Canada, or you want to set up specific shipping requirements please, Contact Us.

Sales Tax applies only in the state of NJ at  6.625%.

Delivery acceptance instructions

Delivery must be signed for by the customer or an individual at least eighteen years old that the customer designates to have the authority to sign for the delivery. Before signing for the delivery, please inspect thoroughly for any damage, shortages, etc. In the unlikely event that damage or a shortage has occurred in transit, make a notation on the waybill, retain applicable packaging materials, and notify us immediately at (732) 568-2108

In the event that damage is not noted on the waybill when signing for the delivery or the applicable packaging materials are not retained, any claim for damage must be filed by you directly with the delivery company. Before signing for delivery, you must thoroughly inspect the packaging/carton/crate and note any visible carton damage on the freight bill.

Only if damage exists on the packaging/carton/crate, quickly inspect the actual item for any damage. If there is damage to the item, note it on the freight bill, reject only the damaged piece, and keep the rest.

Online orders are accepted from 48 US states

You can place your order online by completing our order form
We accept AMEX, Discover, MasterCard and VISA also PayPal

You must include a contact phone number, we often verify orders by phone to further reduce the risk of fraud. Also, include the type of credit card, card number, expiration date, credit card billing address, contact phone number and shipping address if it is different from the billing address.